Apartments in Phuket

Buying Apartments in a Condominium - The Most Common Option for Investors CONDOMINIUM Apartment, in our understanding, refer to a unit with the number of rooms counted by bedrooms. For example, a 1-bedroom apartment is a two-room[...]

Primary and Secondary Real Estate Markets: Analysis and Comparison

Choosing between real estate from a developer and buying on the secondary market poses its own set of advantages and disadvantages in both scenarios.   Primary Market The primary market can be broadly categorized into two[...]

Rental pool on example of apartment rental

A rental pool, also known as an investment program, involves property owners pooling their assets into a collective pool managed by a professional company or organization. This program allows property owners to generate rental income[...]

Case - calculations of income from an apartment purchase

Let's delve into the profitability case of investing in apartments in Phuket based on data from our property management company, Apart Homes Hospitality. Capitalization Most investors opt for purchasing apartments during the[...]