Registration in Thailand for Foreigners

Registration in Thailand for Foreigners

Upon entering Thailand, every foreigner must register their residence within 24 hours of check-in. While hotels or condominium staff typically handle this automatically, if renting directly from owners, you may need to monitor and ensure your registration. Failure to register can lead to issues with visa extensions, residence certificates, insurance claims, or in the event of an accident.

Documents Required for Registration: To register, visit the immigration office with the following documents:

Lease agreement

Passport copy

ID card copy of the property owner

Property documents (blue book)

Completed TM-30 form from the property owner

Power of attorney if submitting documents independently (must be stamped)

Residence Certificate (Residence Book): The Residence Certificate is essential for various aspects of life in Thailand, including:

Banking and financial transactions

Real estate transactions

Legal proceedings

Administrative needs

Procedure to Obtain a Residence Certificate: Visit the immigration office with:


Passport main page copy

Visa stamp copy

TM30 registration form

Lease agreement or house registration with your name and address

Two 4x6 photos

Yellow Book (House Registration Book)

Available to property owners on Phuket, the Yellow Book is an official document issued by the Thai government. It serves as proof of residence and registration in Thailand, benefiting in:

Banking and financial transactions

Real estate dealings

Legal proceedings

Administrative processes

Steps to Obtain a Yellow Book:

Visit the local district office where you reside.

Bring your passport, work permit (if applicable), and a copy of the lease agreement or property ownership confirmation.

Fill out the Yellow Book application form.

Submit the completed form and required documents to the responsible officer.

Wait for processing, which may vary depending on the workload.

Once approved, pay the Yellow Book fee, typically around 500 Baht.

After fee payment, receive the Yellow Book. Verify all information before leaving the district office.

Important Notes:

Yellow Book issuance is common for Thai citizens and permanent residents but is available to foreign residents with a long-term visa or work permit.

Some condominium developers may not allow obtaining a Yellow Book, while for villas, it's generally feasible.

The Yellow Book is tied to a specific household, requiring a new application if relocating to a new address.

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