Property Rental Taxes in Thailand

Property Rental Taxes in Thailand

Many property owners in Phuket contemplate renting out their units to generate income. Before embarking on the rental journey, it's crucial to comprehend the tax aspects of this process.

Taxation for Property Owners in Thailand.

Property owners in Thailand encounter four types of taxes:

One-time taxes during property purchase or sale.

Property ownership tax.

Tax on profit from property resale.

Income tax from property rental.


Two taxes are paid annually:

Income tax from property rental.

Property ownership tax.


For more details on property ownership tax, refer to our article on "Property Ownership Taxes in Thailand"


Income Tax from Property Rental:

Foreign non-residents, residing in Thailand for less than 180 consecutive days:

  • Tax rate: 15% of profit.

    Example: If your rental income is 694,800 Baht annually, the net profit after tax deduction would be 590,580 Baht.

Note: Property management companies often serve as tax agents and handle tax payments. For individual property managers, a declaration to the Revenue Department is necessary.

Foreign residents staying in Thailand for more than 180 consecutive days:

  • Obtain a Thai Tax ID.
  • Progressive tax rates apply (5% to 35%) based on annual income.

Progressive Tax Rates:

  • Income from 1 to 150,000 Baht: Tax-free.
  • Income from 150,001 to 300,000 Baht: Tax rate of 5%.
  • Income from 300,001 to 500,000 Baht: Tax rate of 10%.
  • Income from 500,001 to 750,000 Baht: Tax rate of 15%.
  • Income from 750,001 to 1,000,000 Baht: Tax rate of 20%.
  • Income from 1,000,001 to 2,000,000 Baht: Tax rate of 25%.
  • Income from 2,000,001 to 5,000,000 Baht: Tax rate of 30%.
  • Income of 5,000,001 Baht and above: Tax rate of 35%.

Example: If you own a 6 million Baht studio apartment with an 8% annual return (694,800 Baht), the annual tax would be 15%.

Important Considerations: Tax laws in Thailand are subject to change, and individual property transactions may require a tailored approach and consultation with specialists.


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