Phuket now: December, 2022

Phuket now: December, 2022

Phuket has always attracted investors from around the world, thanks to its developed tourism infrastructure and diversified economy. It's no surprise that the island is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, as it embodies the coveted formula of tourism: beautiful beaches, world-class hotels, and a vibrant, expressive local culture.


Development is rapidly accelerating and, in addition to new hotels, cafes, and restaurants, the government is focusing on expanding the overall infrastructure and constructing new attractions. Despite the continuation of COVID-19 restrictions in the first half of 2021, a new water park was introduced, and a bright, new shopping center, Robinson Lifestyle, was opened in the north of the island.



Plans are already underway for the construction of a new airport, as well as a ground metro system.


Pre-New Year's December Digest


"Glass Terrace", Surin

Great news for property owners in Surin and nearby areas: approval has been granted for the construction of a new attraction in Surin, the "Glass Terrace". This will become an additional highlight of Phuket, particularly its northern region, in 2024, with a budget exceeding 198 million baht.



The "Glass Terrace" will be a stunning viewing platform, attracting millions of tourists to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of Surin beach. Its elegant modern design will be an excellent addition to the overall infrastructure.



Thailand - The Future is Electric

One of the main pillars of the Kingdom's economy is automobile production. Thailand is the leading car manufacturer in Southeast Asia and one of the main automotive hubs worldwide. Following global trends, electric vehicles are the next step of interest to the state for the future development of the entire transportation system.


By 2030, the number of electric cars should constitute 30% of the total number of manufactured vehicles.


Major automotive player Mercedes-Benz Group has signed an agreement to import electric vehicles into Thailand and will soon start production in the country.


Tesla officially launched sales in Thailand last week and deliveries of Model 3 and Model Y are planned for the first quarter of 2023. In 2023, the electric vehicle manufacturer plans to open at least 10 charging stations.



Note: There is a residential complex in Phuket offering charging stations for electric car owners.


EXPO 2028

Across the island, a common message stands tall on numerous billboards: "We support EXPO 2028". This vibrant display of support signifies Phuket's candidacy to host the prestigious EXPO 2028. By doing so, Thailand ambitiously positions itself to be the first Southeast Asian nation to host an EXPO - an event uniquely integrated with its natural and forested surroundings.



The Kingdom of Thailand is championing a greener future. It's an ideal they're planning to bring to life in 2028, guided by a set of core principles: setting the EXPO amidst the lush Andaman forests, embracing an eco-friendly concept, ensuring an environmentally safe EXPO, and committing to a carbon-neutral footprint.



Phuket's dynamic and multifaceted economic growth positions it as a significant investment center. Land availability here is increasingly limited, which underscores its value. For those who have successfully safeguarded and grown their assets in one of the world's most stable currencies, this land offers an attractive investment opportunity. As we look to the future, this land promises to become a rare gem - a valuable asset that still offers the chance for affordable investment today.


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